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Balikbayan Destination List

Mabuhay Balikbayan!
The Mabuhay Manor is a member of The Legend Hotels International Corporation chain of Filipino-managed hotels.
Balikbayan Destination List
Potpot Puto
"Good morning! Good morning!" merrily greets the horn of our potpot puto. Balanced over the shoulders of our waiters, the twin tin containers overflowing with freshly made puto, kutsinta and other native rice delicacies are eagerly greeted by our guests cum "rice cake connoisseurs." Every now and then you hear parents encouraging their children to have some and taste these rice cakes which are part and parcel of our gastronomic history.
Sa Malamig - melon, sago't-gulaman
Coming into the hotel after spending time under the heat and humidity of tropical Manila can feel draining. Drop by at the Sala and feel refreshed in no time with our very own Filipino welcome drink - our "sa malamig". Take a sip of our refreshing melon or sago't-gulaman - and feel the tiredness and heat slip away.
Fresh Buko
Images of the tropics are almost always accompanied by a few coconut trees dotting the horizon. Here at The Mabuhay Manor, you need not go far just to have a taste of the cool coconut pool, you can get fresh buko, freshly chopped and opened right in front of you!
Pedicab Service
Need something from the local store, need to shop or run an errand nearby? Want to go shopping at Baclaran? Just tell us and we can take you there in a jiffy! Our own customized colorful pedicab is just waiting and ready to take you there in safety and in comfort.
Ice Candy - buko, melon, mango
Taste the ice candy of your yesteryears at The Mabuhay Manor. With flavors that are as natural as the sun - buko, melon and mango - our ice candy is a delight, not only for your tastebuds, but also for the memories.
Pinoy Games (Free Tex & Chinese Garter, Piko in the Hotel Premises)
Enjoy traditional Filipino games to your hearts content at our grounds! We seriously want you to enjoy and have fun, fun, fun! Don't just regale your youngsters with stories of how you were the best piko player or how no one could beat you at chinese garter. Play piko and jackstones right outside your doorsteps. Come on and show 'em how it's done!
Sorbetes - cheese, mango, ube
No matter how many different kinds of ice cream you have already tasted, our home-made sorbetes is surely unmatched. The flavors are never over-done and the creaminess is just right. Come on over to the Sala and have a taste of our sorbetesi - straight from the ice cream man!
Harana at SUTUKIL Seafood Restaurant
While enjoying that sumptuous dinner expertly prepared by our bustling kitchen, relax as we entertain you with our traditional songs. The "harana" is a part of Filipino culture - it's that age old practice where males regale their ladies with songs of love. Feel the warm smile in your hearts as our singers serenade the night away and put you in a relaxing atmosphere.
Samu't-Sari items at the Business Center
Take your pick from the various souvenir items that we have carefully chosen from around the country. Bring back with you what you feel reminds you most of this country you still call your home.

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