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Local Destination: Camiguin Island

CAMIGUIN ISLAND a slice of paradise
words by Ann Lorraine "Lala" Lames
Are you one of those people who wish to discover and experience a virtual paradise unknown to many? If you're keen on finding newplace to explore, then Camiguin Island is the perfect place to go to for that unique combination of unspoiled beauty and old world charm.
This tropical island paradise in Asia is often described as the most beautiful island in the Philippines. Some regard it as " Born of Fire " because it has seven volcanoes unmatched anywhere else in Southeast Asia. Volcanic eruptions and land movements have created this spectacular island that is filled with natural wonders, nostalgic scenes and historical riches. This pear shaped volcanic island lies in the Bohol Sea some 54 kilometers southeast of Chocolate Hills and 90kms. north of Cagayan de Oro airport; 120kms. southeast of Mactan International Airport, and 10kms. North of Misamis Oriental.
Prepare to get enchanted by Camiguin's mystical charm. discover the many ways you can unwind and revel in this sland's unique offerings.
Sunken Cemetery
This is an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. Here, one can watch the glorious sunset over the ocean. A large white cross marks a cemetery swept into the sea by Old Vulcan Daan's eruption in 1871. An annual fluvial proseccion is held by the townspeople in honor of the  sunken graves of their forefathers  and as a thanksgiving for a  bountiful harvest.
Via Cruzes-Old Volcano Slope
For those who want a meaningful vacation, this is one spot you should include in your itinerary. This is where the life-size statues depicting the passion, death and resurrection of JesusChrist- the14 Stations of the cross that dot a trail to Old Volcano's peak are carefully carved and chiselled out of volcanic rocks. This is where pilgrims congregate to pray during Lenten Season.
Katibawasan Falls
In for a refreshing summer splash? Dip into this beautiful, clear stream of water cascading 70 meters into a rock pool surrounded by ground orchids, wild ferns, trees and boulders.
Tuasan Falls
Your family and friends will surely appreciate a peaceful picnic where the only sound they hear is that of the tumbling falls and running waters. This wild and mighty falls entails a very scenic hike passing through the quaint Barrio Of Mainit, Catarman and a rocky river bed.
Ardent Hot Spring
Known for its therapeutic effects, this bubbling mineral pool with water around 400C, lies right at the heart of the island.Vapor rises from the heated waters that run down the vents of the dormant Hibok-Hibok volcano.The springs are ideal to bathe in at night surrounded by cool mountain air. Picnic huts and tables are available in the beautifully landscape gardens forthe travellers.
Macao Cold Spring
Quench your humid feeling! Get soothing relief in this spring of natural cold and blue-green waters that overflow with grandeur. Visit the Macao Cold Spring at Tupsan Pequino, Mahinog.
Mt. Hibok Hibok
Professional climbers will love the thrill and challenge that this mountain bring as they skillfully trek and maneuver in loose rocks and boulders towards the peak. The volcano is 1250 meters high above sea level. At it 's zenith, a crater lie lake and steam outlets allow one to have a panoramic view of the entire island and the Bohol Province during clear and sunny days.
White Sand
This uninhabited white sandbar is highlighted by a view of the towering Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Old Vulcan - a breathtaking refelection of the grandeur the Province of Camiguin. All it takes is just 10minutes to reach this island through light water transport from anywhere in Yumbing, Mambajao area.
Something to look forward too..
The colorful Lanzones Festival held in October is a must-see event! Feast your eyes on the explicit sight of towns-folk dressed up in their traditional costumes to celebrate the harvest of the small, sweet tasting, light-yellow fruit that grows in bunches at the foot of Mt. Hibok-Hibok-
Let's Go to Camiguin!
From Manila you can take direct flights of Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, or Air Philippines to Cagayan de Oro City. Flying time approximately takes one hour and 20 minutes. From Cebu, Cagayan de Oro is even nearer-- a mere 30minutes away. One can also take the longer but infinitely more exciting ferry trips from the North Harbor aboard the ships of WG&A, Negros Navigations, and Sulpicio Lines. Depending ob the routes( sometimes they stop over at certain ports such as that of Cebu City, Iloilo City or Bacolod City), a ferry trip to Cagyan de Oro City usually takes 28-36hours.

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