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Mambukal Resort

   Since it's winter vacation in Japan this is a great time to unwind and flee from coldness of the country. I am sure that most of us dream of taking a break from our usual daily activities. Well, what more can be perfect thank being united with Mother Nature. Why not escape from the fast-paced life of your environment? There's a place that matches perfectly with what you exactly need.
    Journey with me as I introduce to you a mountain Resort in the Philippines.
    On the foot of the illustrious Mt.Kanlaon Volcano is a pseudo heaven for the ecological enthusiasts - the Mambukal Resort. For just PhP10.00, a jeepney will take you to the humble barangay (village) of Minoyan in the town of Murcia. Mambukal Resort, a government-owned pieces of paradise, rises 1,200 feet above sea level.
    Spread over 23.6 hectares, Mambukal is blessed with exceptionally beautiful natural resources and serve as a cool tourist destination with unparalleled scenic features.
    Originally developed by a Japanese architect named Ishiwata in 1927, the resort started as a bath house and picnic garden and has provided cool haven for Negrenses and their guests.
    A big mountain stream, feb by several tributaries, descends in a series of seven falls and cuts through the center of the resort, feeding the swimming pools and boating lagoon.
    Mambukal also boasts a number of hot sulfur springs whose medicinal waters are a balm for the weary flesh and continually feeds the warm dipping pool. A warm sulfur dipping pool on the upper portion of the resort is also available to those pools lovers who love warm water. Though quite hidden, the soothing warmth of the hot spring relaxes the senses and eases the soul.
    Its slopes and dips house interesting rock informations and lush forests of tropical and semi-tropical trees as well as a variety of pines, ferns and orchids that thrive on its cool climate and rich soil, known as Mambukal clay.
    The resort has strategically located viewing decks or, fro more intimate encounters with nature, the Canopy Walk, with its hanging bridges. Or go all-out and challenge yourself on the Rock Climbing Wall and the adventure-seekers must reserve their adrenalin for wall climbing and Slide for Life. Slide for Life is an exciting Tarzan-like trip to the woods with the aid of harness and cables.
     The wide and smooth driveways of Mambukal are just irresistible for the mountain bike lovers. The alluring butterfly garden with the delicately designed interior is a must-see. It is where fantasy and reality meet.
    For visitors who wish to take time, the Tourist Lodge offers standard rooms and suites. There are single air-conditioned cottages or camp sites to choose from as well as picnic sheds for day visitors.
    Mambukal is also ideal for those inclined mix business with pleasure, with a conference room and various function rooms available.
    To rejuvenate one's spirits and touch base with Mother Earth, there is nothing like Mambukal's regular programs and special events such as bat, bird and firefly watching and the annuarl Mudpack Festival, fast becoming a rave among artists and tourists from all over the world.
    Truly, nothing beats the mystical and enchanting beauty of Mambukal. Its tranquility heals the ailing mind and the saging soul.

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