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Festival: Pana-ad sa Negros

    Pana-ad sa Negros is the "Festival of festival", a week-long summer event every 3rd week of April that brings together the 13 cities and 22 towns in one showcase of trade, tourism, commerce and industry, arts and culture, beauty and talent, as well as games and sports. It features the individual festival in a colorful and jubilant street dance around the Panaad Park and Stadium in Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod.
    The Pana-ad takes its name from the Hiligaynon term that refers to a promise or vow, as well as the potential to fulfill it. The festival demonstrates the provinces determined bid to better itself, and highlights its recent successes: from the manufacture of world class furniture, household items, handicrafts and childrens garments; to the production of cutflowers and ornamentals, prawns, and high-value fruits and vegetables; and even the breeding of highly-competitive game fowl.
    It will feature the provinces history, arts, culture, sports and tourist attractions, alongside the numerous opportunities available in trade, commerce and industry.
    Known traditionally as a sugar producer, Negros Occidental has in recent years purposely driven itself to diversify its economy.
     The biggest festival of them all in Negros Occidental, the PANA-AD FESTIVAL, started in 1993 as a thanksgiving celebration and a fulfillment of a promise and vow to the Divine Providence in exchange of good life.
    It features 35 festivals that bring together 13 cities and 22 towns of Negros Occidental. In theme booths that showcase their history, culture, trade, agriculture, tourism and other industries.
    This annual summer festival is being spearheaded by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental in cooperation with Pag-ugyon Negros Foundation and the Local Government Units.
   PANA-AD hopes to bring together the thirteen cities and nine-teen municipalities of the province in one celebration - a showcase of trade, tourism commerce and industry, arts and culture, beauty and talent, as well as games and sports.
    The executive order was issued in order to ensure the smooth and successful implementation of this annual event, dubbed as the "Festival of Festivals" in the province, by creating the different commitees that will facilitate the overall planning, implementation, coordination, and supervision of various programs and events of the festivals.

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