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Travel Tips

  1. Study your travel itinerary very well. Take note of your ticket information.
  2. Check in at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your flight. First time travelers can come even earlier to familiarize themselves with the airport check in procedures.
  3. Security checks have been tightened since 9-11. Be ready to take off your shoes, lift our amrs during the routine check. Coats and jackets and belts with buckles may have to be removed. Put you cellphone and cameras inside your handbag before putting it into the electronic machine.
  4. Check the time difference between your home country and your destination. Try to catch some sleep during the nighttime hours of your destination. Movies on board can keep you awake needlessly.
  5. If you arrive in a transit destination, look for a transfer desk and ask for assistance. Checked through luggage will be taken out only at the airport of final destination.
  6. Airlines normally provide you with a kit (inclusions will depend on the airline). They also distribute blankets and headphones for audio - video presentations on board.
  7. When traveling Economy class for long hours (14 hours to Europe), make sure you stand up once in a while to use the toilet or walk around. Stretching prevents cramps.
  8. Those traveling in groups should avoid loud conversation that may disturb others.
  1. Bring a journal and use it. You will not remember all the details so make some notes of people you met, places you visited, etc. It is helpful to record some anecdotes or insights or significant experiences.
  2. If you have a camera, use it but avoid duplicating too many photos since you may not have enough storage space to last the trip. If you are traveling in a group, you can arrange for photo shoots to be taken alternately so you do not duplicate all poses.
  3. Make an album of the trip when you arrive home so you can share the memories and the experience and you can remember them in the future.
  4. Communication --- activate Call Roaming / international functions of you cellphone. Use it sparingly and make sure you know the cost of sending messages. Use Email whenever possible.
  1. Show appreciation to your hosts. Prepare a gift/token for them.
  2. If you are new to the group, be wary of your strong opinions and unsolicited advice.
  3. Prepare small gifts for new friends whom you would like to remember you.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask directions. Learn some survival phrases.
For everything else that is not in the list, you will have to learn from experience. Enjoy!!

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