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Travel Tips: Packing Your Clothes

Traveling to a Colder Climate (15 degrees and lower)
  1. One has to keep the neck, ears, hands, and feet warm.
  2. To prevent skin from drying and lips from cracking, bring a lip balm (in your bag or pocket) and some body lotion or face cream.
  3. A trip to a colder country means you do not perspire as much. Unsoiled pants can be worn twice before laundry.
Your Wardrobe
  1. Even if you have a lengthy journey, there is no need to bring your closet. You can mix and match your clothes, bring scarves or accessories to change your look. if you are the type who is concious of repeating your wardrobe, wrinkle-free clothes are more practical. You will realize that many foreigners are unmindful of repeating their attire.
  2. If your host cannot provide you with warm clothes, bring a sensibly warm coat/jacket and a smart looking knitted head gear. Bring thick socks and knitted gloves.
  3. You can use layers of clothes - warm undershirt, knitted shirt (wrinkle free polyester makes you feel even colder.
  4. Approriate wear -  Depending on your itinerary and schedule of activities, you will need a versatile wardrobe. Smart casuals are handy, so pack some slacks (ladies may bring a skirt if preferred) and matching blouse/shirt with light blazer. Bring a pair (1 only) of shoes to match.
  5. Footwear - Sensible walking and therefore comfortable shoes are a must. Since you will wear thick socks, make sure your shoes are not too tight. Shoes made of waterproof material will keep your feet warm in cold and damp weather. Light bedroom or house slippers are also a must.
  6. Laundry -  Bring a small bar of laundry soap or liquid Perwoll in a spill - free container so you can wash underwear or shirts as you decide to. Your host will offer the use of their washing machine at home if you need it. Get clear instructions first especially when you use the dryer, You may end up with shrunken clothes if you are not careful about drying instructions.

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