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Welcome to Philippines--the land of 7,100 islands and millions of smiles. Here are several things to prepare for your visit:
1. Warm tropical weather
    Wear light clothes under your jackets to enable you to adjust to the warm and humid climate. Clothes made out of cotton are recommended.
2. Expect long lines
    The queue through immigration tends to be long. Chat with your neighbor as Filipinos are known to be friendly.
3. Welcoming atmosphere
    The rondalla is often at hand to play welcoming music for you. Tips are appreciated but not required. A word cautions: Some people will put leis around your neck and charge you for them. You are not obliged to buy them and may opt to return them. Try to avoid the sampaguita just to be sure.
4. Baggage assistance
    The Philippines offer carts for your luggage-- FREE OF CHARGE. If you do not wish to carry your own bags, feel free to hire the porters who offer their services.
5. Customs
    It is easy to pass through the customs if you have nothing to declare so do not bring in regulated items such as plants and animal produce.
6. Steep ramp
    The ramp going down to the arrival area is steep. Hold your cart at a diagonal and hold onto the handles of your bags to have more control. Go slowly.
7. Transportation
    If you need a ride to your hotel, there are airport accredited taxis. They tend to be much more expensive but are safer and more reliable. Negotiate your fare before you ride.
8. Info cards
    There are lots of info cards or information brochures from one counter desk to another. If you feel like exploring the scenic spots around Philippines, these brochures may come in handy.
9. Connecting Flights
    These instances as we all know, usually happens. If connecting flights have only 1 or 2 hours gap, you might wanna stay at the coffee shops or pastry stores. Catch a glance at the fellow passengers and you'll never know, someone you might bump into you.
10. Local Cellphone SIM cards
      SIM cards are being sold at almost every kiosk within the airport facility. Buying local SIM cards may save you money when calling your friends and love ones. Avoid using roaming accounts within the Philippines because this will be billed in international cost.
11. Duty Free Shops
      Forgot to buy what your sister ask you to? Tired of thinking what pasalubong to buy for Tito and Tita? You might find something handy in duty free shops at the airport. Just be sure to include everyone on your list.
12. Wear a smile
      Now you know what it feels like to be home at last! So flash those smiles to your Kababayans and for sure, they will smile back at you.

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