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The latest in Travel
Eco-friendly, value for money and technology savvy - these are some of the major characteristics that travelers and tourists look for when scouting for and planning their next trip. As predicted by the Department of Tourism on the first quarter of this year, these Tourism Megatrends are still the way to (literally) go.
Travelers now are bringing more gadgets to their destinations - laptops for telecommuting, digital cameras and videos, pocket games, etc. Thus more hotels, resorts and other leisure establishments are accommodating this trend by upgrading their technology features: making their safety deposit boxes or room safes be big enough to store laptops and digital SLRs, offering internet and business hub options, or providing free wi-fi.
More people do reasearch on the internet to check out the next place to visit, listen to the global travel community for reviews, tips and advice, and eventually buy or reserve travel items online such as plane tickets or hotel reservations.
There will be more low-cost carriers and open skies agreements as airlines will continue to rack up significant losses as they struggle to deal with high fuel costs and new security requirements.
Tourist facilities are now gearing to more health related amenities like health and fitness spa to accommodate those that have fallen in love with whatever is healthy and safe.
There is an emerging fashion today to cater more closely to the aging population. Establishments will build lower rose steps, more handrails and wide doors to make the senior tourists more comfortable.
In a world of long distance relationships and family members scattered across the globe, there is the increasing demand for family-oriented tours. Before, children are not welcome in tourist establishments but nowadays these venues are geared to be more child-friendly.
Due to recent health scares, tourists are going for food delivery in their hotels. This may also be more affordable for them as they can opt to orders out instead of eating in the hotels dining areas.
Better educated tourists now seek destinations that allow them to be one with nature and enrich their historical and cultural capital. Ecotourism, rural tourism and cultural travel are buzzwords.
Shorter distance and shorter travel duration - on short a trip closer to home. Authenticity and off-the-beaten path is the order of the day.
Travel today welcomes cultural diversity - prayer rooms and services for no-pork menu will be installed in tourist facilities to accommodate the growing population of Islamic travelers.

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