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Our vision is to satisfy all our customers with a caring, warm and personalized service to world class standards; to increase the value of the company and thereby its value to the share holders; to maintain excellent relationships with all our suppliers with particular emphasis on quality of services and products; to address and satisfy employee needs and increase their productivity through team work and recognition.


Our mission is to provide total customer satisfaction in all our business sectors, where customers will be induced to obtain our products and services repeatedly irrespective of the business climate and the competitive environment prevailing in the market place.

To increase share holder wealth by strengthening the company’s financial balance sheet.

To motivate, recruit and retain a set of valued and respected employees who could actively contribute to organizational growth and positive change by setting up a reasonable level of wages with a proper performance evaluation mechanism.


Our pricing will be established at levels to achieve immediate penetration and capture market share.
We will position our product as a low priced, but high quality alternative to maintain a set of reputed suppliers for our group who can provide services/goods at reasonable value for money, with highest standard of quality and timely delivery dates.

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