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Wow Pinas! Vigan City

   Local and foreign experts describe Vigan as a "place like no other". Its uniqueness lies in its historic townscape, which is an architectural blend of Asian, European and Latin American influences. Being the only surviving colonial town in the country, Vigan has more strung along the narrow streets of the old Mestizo District,

Rediscover Boracay

   Boracay is a fantastic tropical island about an hour's flight from Manila in the Philippines. Its long white sand beaches rivals any of the best beaches in the more popular beach destinations such as the Caribbean, the South Pacific as well as neighboring Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Travel Tips

  1. Study your travel itinerary very well. Take note of your ticket information.
  2. Check in at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your flight. First time travelers can come even earlier to familiarize themselves with the airport check in procedures.

The Punta Bulata White Beach Resort

    Think of a secluded and private resort! Away from the noise of cars and cellphones. Punta Bulata White Beach Resort is the place what you have always dream of. Going to Punta Bulata White Beach Resort is easy and exciting. Experience a different feeling of relaxing trip and commune with nature in the scenic place of Negros Island, Philippines.

Wow Pinas! Batanes: The Natures Playground

   A series of volcanic activities and other geologic forces created the island-province of Batanes millions of years ago.
   The province is home to the famous Ivatans who are nationally acclaimed as the "True Insulares". The Ivatans are of Malay stock, tracing their roots to early immigrants from Formosa, Taiwan as well as Spaniards who came to the island in the 16th century. Being an insular people, the Ivatans have kept the puity of their gene pool through the time.

International Destination: Hawaii the islands of aloha

Stepp off the plane and it's as if the volume of your senses has been turned up. Smell the fresh plumeria in the air. See sapphires seas, emerald valleys, and halos of rainbow arches. feel the warm radiance of the sun on your cheeks while a cool rush of ocean water sucks the sand from between your toes.

Festival: Pana-ad sa Negros

    Pana-ad sa Negros is the "Festival of festival", a week-long summer event every 3rd week of April that brings together the 13 cities and 22 towns in one showcase of trade, tourism, commerce and industry, arts and culture, beauty and talent, as well as games and sports. It features the individual festival in a colorful and jubilant street dance around the Panaad Park and Stadium in Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod.

Yokoso! Japan: Winter Festivals in Japan

Winter Festivals in Japan
Things To Do When The Snow Piles Up
When you think of snowy festivals, Japan probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. You probably imagine Scandinavia or Canada. But, if you're interested in snow and ice sculptures, you probably know that Japan boasts some of the world's most interesting and unique winter festivals. During winter in Japan, up in the snowy north, there are winter festivals every year that draw great crowds and offer lots of attractions for everybody.

Travel Tips

    Travel always brings with it the excitement of seeing new places and meeting new friends. But you'd be surprised that it's not as simple as others may think.
    The rule of thumb here is that it is always wise to be prepared at all times to avoid inconveniences on a very perfect holiday sojourn.
   Check out a few simple guidelines that we have prepared for you to make your trip easier and worry-free.


    Now and again, Australia had always been referred to as the 'land down-under' and for good measure. It's strategically located just right below the earth's  lower pole thus the long-standing subtitle. Australia is also well known for its natural beauty and splendor: From endless sun-baked horizons to dense tropical rainforest, to its chilly southern beaches, Australia never ceases to enthrall its foreign guests no end.


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